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        Women Mentoring Women (Titus 2)

We welcome and thank you for stopping by. Our joy is sharing the love and grace of Christ and His hope for our lives in every area as women - fulfilling our purpose and calling as wives, mothers, grandmothers, widows, singles, newly single again, business women, homemakers, or retired, and for anyone searching for the challenge of deeper truths in His Word. Scripture provides a soothing balm for those that are in need of healing within and outwardly, a refreshing drink in a desert of worldly distractions void of glorifying the One Who created it, and gives direction to those that are lost or have fallen. We encourage everyone to listen to the podcasts provided on this site and to imbibe in rich life changing teaching. You are loved and prayed for and the reward of studying His truths will transform your life for eternity. 

About Gerry:  The daughter of a Texas preacher, teaching is in Gerry's blood.        "I can't open my mouth without teaching something", she says. Gerry received her English and Math degrees from East Texas State University and taught high school English, math and science until she was called to another teaching assignment - teaching the Word of God to women. Her calling and faithfulness have helped change the lives of thousands and led many to also become teachers of the Word. 

For the past 20 years, she has a combined ministry experience as head of two women's ministries for two of the largest church congregations in Georgia, speaking to hundreds of women each week and hosting conferences for thousands. And although she speaks to thousands, she also regularly spends time with small groups, mentoring and nurturing young women who are new Christians. 

Gerry has taught at numerous women's ministries around the country ranging from Georgia, to Vermont, to Idaho and coordinated some of the largest attended area wide conferences to include Biblical key note speakers and authors such as; Elisabeth Elliot (Gateway to Joy), Anne Graham Lotz, Janet Parshall (Janet Parshall's America, Moody Radio), Pam Rosewell Moore (Assistant and Traveling Companion to Corrie ten Boom of "The Hiding Place". 

In addition to her passion for teaching, Gerry loves to cook, read, and spending time with her family. She and her husband of 40+ years live near Atlanta, GA and have two married sons and 6 grandchildren.

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